Mary敍事 – Mary Story


04. 마지막이 오네요_It’s Nearing an End

보내야 했죠 my love you song
잡을 수 없던 my love song

눈 속에 고여있는 아픔을(알고)
얼마만큼 참아 왔는지
내 삶의 커다란 존재였었던
당신을 이제 난 떠나가죠

실망하지는 마요 저의 본심 숨겼을 뿐 그대로예요
너무 우울해지면 미워해요 괜찮아요
날 지워버리진 마요 아픔도 간직해야 삶이 예쁘죠
마지막이 오네요 끝이라서 슬프네요

my love song

빌어먹을 약해빠진 내 맘이 당신을 내게서 떠나 보내요
미치도록 가슴이 답답해 지네요 나 어떡하나요 미안해요

실망하지는 마요 저의 본심 숨겼을 뿐 그대로예요
너무 우울해지면 미워해요 괜찮아요
날 지워버리진 마요 아픔도 간직해야 삶이 예쁘죠
마지막이 오네요 끝이라도 당신 위한 거니깐
아파해도 괜찮겠죠

날 지워버리진 마요 날 지워버리진 마요

마지막이 오네요 마지막이 오네요

I had to let you go my love you song
That I couldn’t hold onto my love song
To know the pain pooled in your eyes
To know how much you’ve endured
having been a large presence in my life, now I leave you
Don’t be disappointed, I’ve just hidden how I really feel, that’s all
If you get depressed, please hate away. It’s okay.
Don’t erase me, keeping the hurt is what makes the life beautiful.
The end is nearing it saddens me because its the end.
my love song.
Fucking weak heart of mine lets you leave, away from me.
My heart is chaffing up like crazy  – What do I do, I’m sorry.
Don’t be disappointed, I’ve just hidden what I really feel. I’m stil the same.
Even if it’s the end, since it’s for you it will be okay to be hurt.
Don’t erase me. Don’t erase me.
The end is coming. It’s nearing an end.


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7 Responses to “Mary敍事 – Mary Story”

  1. Amrit Says:

    You did it! Yaaayyyyyy! Thank you so much! Your quality translations are to die for! And I’m glad you guys translated Nell’s new album as well. Loads of love sent your way!

  2. Amrit Mann Says:

    I know you guys stopped translating *tear* but I’ve been waiting almost a year for you to translate Mary Story’s “I” . Pretty please, would you translate it? You guys are practically the only one’s who have translated Mary Story at all. I would be so thankful! PLEASEEEEE!

  3. Amrit Mann Says:

    agreed with chelsea ^^
    you cant find translations for this song anywhere, thankyouu

    uhmm, just asking, but are you planning to translate the rest of the album?
    particularly “I”?? :$

  4. Chelsey Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I love you so much for translating these songs! You are offically my new favorite person! I’ve been in love with this CD for soooo long, even without knowing what they’re saying. It’s so good!

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