Mary敍事 – Mary Story


11. I

Would the heart withstand, would it not cry?
In my arms, are you happy?
Has it worn itself out, has there been no regrets?
These are the thoughts that slights, discomforts me

One day when I swing, my neck choking,
In that moment, you are in the depth of my
Heart and memory.

Because the first, you were the first.
You were beautiful loving me, only knowing of me.
Because I was you, I was also you. Now,
Why is it that my heart hurts so, when I love you, knowing only you.

It won’t end. I trust you endlessly. I
Like this, you have trusted me. Always for me.
I wish for you, but I find myself disquieted.
Because even I can’t stand myself when I’m stuck in the rut.

Because you are a dream, a dream. Now.
Because you are so important for me in living out the world I dreamed of.
Because these are the years when we are unsure of ourselves, sometimes
When I look at you, I simply loathe self.

I put the trust in that I can. In that
I can do all for you, from the strength of
My senses that boils within me.

I can win it. Even when my heart rips, falls apart, I can do it.
I can do it. The deep trust is within me.

Because it is precious, precious. I can do it all
For you. I can fall down, it’s okay.
Because it is precious. You are precious.


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7 Responses to “Mary敍事 – Mary Story”

  1. Amrit Says:

    You did it! Yaaayyyyyy! Thank you so much! Your quality translations are to die for! And I’m glad you guys translated Nell’s new album as well. Loads of love sent your way!

  2. Amrit Mann Says:

    I know you guys stopped translating *tear* but I’ve been waiting almost a year for you to translate Mary Story’s “I” . Pretty please, would you translate it? You guys are practically the only one’s who have translated Mary Story at all. I would be so thankful! PLEASEEEEE!

  3. Amrit Mann Says:

    agreed with chelsea ^^
    you cant find translations for this song anywhere, thankyouu

    uhmm, just asking, but are you planning to translate the rest of the album?
    particularly “I”?? :$

  4. Chelsey Says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I love you so much for translating these songs! You are offically my new favorite person! I’ve been in love with this CD for soooo long, even without knowing what they’re saying. It’s so good!

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