Epik High – Map of The Human Soul


The grandness of antiquity strikes back, packing a punch.
Rapping lurch surge against the tired minds.
The sameness of iniquities.
mini, single, digi tease: graceless.
Shoulder tapping wire-mines, the signs, of true greatness.

1. Go
2. 풍파 featuring 한상원
3. I Remember featuring Kensie
4. 하늘에게 물어봐 featuring Dynamic Duo
5. 10년 뒤에 featuring Leeds
6. Lesson One
7. 그녀가 불쌍해 featuring Lyn
8. Street Lovin’ featuring Joosuc
9. Love Song featuring 박성웅
10. 고독恨사랑
11. Free Love
12. Get High
13. 유서 featuring TBNY
14. 막을 내리며 (Dedication)
15. Watch Yaself featuring Digiri, Yankie, Double K (Hidden Track)

– Mapthesoul.com

-Original lyrics source: Mnet Media & Naver

Epik High’s debut album [Map of the Human Soul] (2003) is largely regarded as the Korean hip hop classic. Co-produced by Epik High, J-Win (Dyno-Soul) and Choiza and Gaeko of CB Mass (now Dynamic Duo), this album, with its rich sound and poetic lyrics, marked the birth of artistically progressive Korean hip hop. With 14 tracks in total, and with guest appearances by Korea’s top MCs and vocalists, this is a work that exemplifies musical excellence and tradition.

– Mapthesoul.com

1. Go
Credits: Eduipe
I’m Epik’s Tablo
From life to the heart
From my heart to the rhyme
At one shot, to that top
With mouth closed, listen close
Made with sweat and blood
Flow smoke the dopest mothafuckas like Hydro
With the god’s love as the basis
The rhyme pro thorough from the intro to outro
Epik High = Tablo & Mithra
The salt and light
To the insipid and dark hip-hop

I’m Epik’s Mithra
Moniker’s Lee-thra
An artist painting rhyme
On a blank paper of beat
A masseur loosening body’s tangled rhythm
Also, I’m a technician fixing broken ideologies
If it’s this much, wouldn’t they evade
Irony, KO
Fiction-game from the get-go
In one, all would say like this again
My cruel life’s so ghetto
I sing a song to get out


Let’s go; oh the way we are (look) GO!
On your and my whim GO!
Let’s go and kiss the sky
Let’s go; oh the way we are (look) GO!
On your and my whim GO!
Let’s go with Epik High

Lodi dodi; shake your legs and arms; everybody shout; Epik High
Lodi dodi; till the sunsets; everybody shout; Epik High
Lodi dodi; shake your legs and arms; everybody shout; Epik High
Lodi dodi; till the sunsets; everybody shout; Epik High

Serious music life; its barely
3 and a half years
Till last year, parents believed
Asking for just 3 years…oh
In front of this reality when all has become lies
In my head are only earthly thoughts

Tablo’s a fool
The family’s loner
Out of that great college, to rap?
Even if you ask me
Me now, it’s a mystery
Even the Four pillars and the Eight characters couldn’t guess; fate’s mistake

I got music; the wing retrieved by my heart
To me, it’s a magnet stronger than the earth’s gravity

I got music; the life’s bothers’ like on death-row
Then the music is the death chamber, subdues the irritantI got skill; if the skill’s food, I’m a gluttonous hog
If it’s a joy of sole rhyme, OH MY GOD!!

I got skill; I’m skills’ mental ward, the Green Cross
In front of wack mc’s skill’s pain, the Red Cross

I got soul (how much?) the soul deeper than the sea (always) seeks my microphone
I got soul (how much?) the soul richer than the sun’s fire (always) wetting my little throat
Nod up and down, nod up and down, let’s go, up and down, up and down, go!


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3 Responses to “Epik High – Map of The Human Soul”

  1. Amanda Says:

    thanks so much for translating you guys, this is one of my favorite albums! keep up the awesome work!!

  2. Little Fish Says:

    OMG Thanks sooooo much ~~~
    I can’t find anywhere Epik’s first album T T
    Your translation is great
    Love Love Love :”)

  3. susan Says:

    You guys are amazing. I’ve never found a translation of their early albums. Thank you so much, like 10000x times.

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