Epik High – Remixing the Human Soul


01. Fly Higher
02. Love Love Loveless (feat. Yoongjin from Casker)
03. Breakdown The Wall
04. 버려진 우산 (feat. Lisa)
05. 1 분 1초, A Little Memory (feat. Taru)
06. Fanatic
07. Back To The Future  [ partially translated ]
08. You Are The One (feat. Horan of Clazziquai)
09. High Skool Dropout
10. Remap The Soul (feat. MYK)
11. Hidden Track: Electric Gangste

Thanks to John, for helps here and there with the translations.

01. Fly Higher (feat. DH-Style)

You can fly
Fly get’em up high
You can fly
(Fly) Even though you have none
(You can fly) Even though love coldly forsakes you
(You can fly) Even though the pained heart stops breathing
(Fly) You’ve got to fly sky high
You can fly


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One Response to “Epik High – Remixing the Human Soul”

  1. Jade Says:

    Wow! Thank-You SO much~! Thanks for the posting, you’re great!!

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