Epik High X Planet Shiver – Remixing The Human Soul


Hidden Track: 삼자돼면 (Electric Gangster)

I’m gangster~ (Epik High Hyung-Donnie, Donnie Donnie)*
I’m gangster~ (Give me my Money money money)
I’m gangster~ (Sam-Ja-Duae-Myun )
Mother! Father!

Again Mithra keyboard’s Bling Bling Bling
The first batter hitting Swing Swing Swing
I’ll show it to you, just type it up
All day long, just scowling at the monitor
Only need one to get caught; I’m electric gangster
My minimi never dresses in dresses
Numerous girl minimis give acorns and go nuts

Tablo drop another Bomb (this is just for fun~)
Sam-Ja-Duae-Myun; mapthesoul.com. My Brother I’ll introduce to you, Hyung Donnie
Trying to get at me, you become dogs and cows, I’m a killer
This dratted team’s leader MCs; be rash and die see you later
I’m grasshopper, hoodlum, small head’s anchovy head Everybody~

[DJ Tukutz]
I’m DJ Tukutz Jung-Shik-E; I chew the cactus
Perfect, specialty’s gravitas; unidentified swordsman
What I don’t know is failure. My mom says she hates Kimgura*
I’m Electric gangster, the stolen café latte from a local coffee shop

[MC Bbak-Don]
I’m Hyung-Donnie, MC Bbak-Don*, Infinite Challenge’s megaton
Perfomance Bureau PD, Don’t edit me out please Please
Mother, Father, Give me a One Dollar
Mother, father, give me twelve hundred won
Mother, father Give me a One Dollar
El nina, la nino, WTO Yeah~

Source: Mapthesoul.com http://mapthesoul.com/blog/tablo?page=6

  • *Don in Korean/Chinese represents pig/swine.
  • *삼자돼면: it’s a play on word; 삼자대면 refers to a meeting between three people. However, by using the letter 돼, which has the connotation of ‘swine/pig’ in its usual usage, the phrase has been made to hint at a thee person/pig meeting.
  • *Kimgura is a famous korean comedian
  • *Bbak-Don has two meanings; first way of interpretation is “crazy, go nuts, bonkers’ and the second way is ‘swine/pig’

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